Sunday, September 11, 2011

Miss Briley Jane

Our Little girl doesn't look so little :)

Briley is a big chunk.....just like the rest of the Lowe children..... and honestly we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

She is the SMILIEST, HAPPIEST baby I know! Every time you look at her she gets the biggest smile on her face! Seriously its the biggest smile ever!! She barely cries... only if she is tired, and she sleeps ok (as long as the pacifier is in her mouth).

she can't roll over yet, but I think that's because i don't put her on her stomach too much, she's not a fan.

I just love her and honestly am so thankful that she is in our family!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aubree our little princess!

I wanted to post something about our little Aubree. gosh, isn't she cute!?!? I just love her to pieces!!! I'm not going to lie.... this age is a little hard for me. The attitude starts, the hitting, the screaming, the teething....etc it gets to me sometimes! Even though she has those moments, which are more then a few, I just want to hold her so tight!
Aubree is 18 month's going on 21!!!! She knows what she wants and gets it however way she can! She is also the smartest little 18 month old I know! She talks so well, knows some (2) colors, helps me with Briley and loves trying to be a leader in nursery. This little girl look up to her big brother so much, I love when she COPIES HIS EVERY MOVE!!!! She can dance like no other, and LOVES listening and singing to music.
I try to give her a little one on one attention when the others are preoccupied and she just loves it and gets into this silly personality.
My AUBS........ I just LOVE HER!!!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Carson is FOUR!!!

Our little man is four years old and we can't believe what a good boy he is becoming!!! Carson is the BEST big brother to his little sisters! He helps me out with them whenever I need and never throws a fit or gets tired of hearing me say "Carson, do this for me"!
This summer, well to Chad and I, hopefully to the kdis too, has been a blast! With the arrival of our Briley we wanted to make sure the other two felt special too. We did a lot of things in town and I'm so grateful for the cute place we live!!! Carson did a basketball class through the city and i think he enjoyed it?!? I enrolled him in tennis at the same time so it might have been too much, and he was the youngest in both sports but it got him to explore the sports and really see what he likes to play. Chad helped him in basketball and I think they had a lot of fun doing it together!

Just some silly fun we have at Nana and Papa's house :)

We went to a Rivercats game in the beginning of June and the kids had fun meeting new people and "watching" the game!!

Carson's best friend, Carter asked us if we can watch Cars 2 with him at the movie theater! It was a cute movie and the boys loved it!!

For Carson's 4 year birthday we had a "cousin Star War's" birthday party and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! Carson has become a true Star war's junky so when he decided to have a Star Wars party we had to say yes! He had a couple of games they played to become JEDI's and then they had to attack Darth Vader. (pinata) It was a blast and he's already saying he wants to do it again next year!

If we weren't at tennis, or basketball during the summer, we were either at the club pool of nana's pool! this little dude is a SWIMMER!!! He can jump in and swim around and lick he's pretty awesome!!!! i love that he's a little fish liek his mommy!!!

Carson got some icecream with his two awesome friends Carson morgan, and William Camblin! we love them so much!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Briley is 1 MONTH old!!!

We are LOVING our little girl! Wow 1 month already and it makes me SO sad that she is growing so fast! The newborn stage goes by so fast! Being a family of 5 is so amazing! I am loving my kids so much right now! They are getting along great and they are so awesome!

Briley is doing great! She is such a great girl! I'm having the best time with her and Carson and Aubree! I love being a mom!!!

Carson loves and adores his little sister! He always says "mom, Briley is a good girl, I love her" .... melts my heart!!

Grandpa LOWE

Can you tell we don't like pictures????? Seriously NONE of the kids are looking......

ANYWAYS.... Grandpa Lowe came out and visited us this past weekend, and we LOVE him so much! I wished we lived closer to him so that we could play all the time with grandpa... Unfortunetely Carson got a fever this weekend so we didn't do a lot of playing, but my kids loved him being here! Carson would wake up in the morning and ask if grandpa was still here... so cute!

Thanks dad for coming to visit! We love you so much and hope you can visit more!!! Thanks for all the fun! We miss you and are so thankful that you came to see us! LOVE YOU!!

Visit from the Smarts!

Grandma and Aunt Shiann came to visit us when Briley came, and I MISS THEM!! They were here for 2 weeks and it was AWESOME!!! they made the transition from 2 kids to 3 so easy, and I seriously don't think I could have done it with out them!

Thanks for all your help! We wished we lived closer to you all!!! LOVE YOU!


Im so proud of my little soccer player! Carson had a lot of fun playing soccer this last season. This kid loves DEFENSE! Its so cute... he will play defense by blocking an opponent and say "Im not touching Im not touching"... Where he got this I don't know, but it's pretty funny!

The second to last practice I told him its ok to get a little aggressive and go for the goal. He was nervous, but I think him hearing me SCREAM on the side lines... "GO CARSON GO" (little Aubree would say it too :) he finally went after the ball and scored a goal! I loved the look on his face and how excited he was!!!